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Web Development

Websites, Web Portals, etc. are some of the ways companies communicate to the entire world. Their appearance, layout and functionality is important in order to portray the company’s image and brand to the users. We make sure that every built application portrays the company’s image and brand.

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CMS Development

Content Management Systems (CMSs) like: WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, etc. enable easy management of website content. We develop and maintain CMS applications for our clients and also advise them on how best they could maintain and update the content in more efficient ways.

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Physical Computing

Computing and building SMART interactive systems (RC cars, Robots, Automation Systems, etc) which use sensors, motors, etc, to find their way in the real world. This fosters technology advancement . We use tools like: Arduino, Raspberry pi, etc, in order to realise all the innovative ideas and wishes.

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SEO Optimization

All highly ranked sites have a chance of increasing incoming traffic, this ultimately increases business growth. We fine tune our clients' web applications with emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation, so as to improve their ranking by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. which in turn improves the business.

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Team Support

Have Developers as part of the company team during project development while saving on costs like statutory pension, insurance, etc, which could be incurred by the company for hiring a full time Software Developer. We provide Developers to support company teams during development.

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IT Consultation

Nowadays, everything is IT driven, as technology keeps changing. Complex Devices and IT infrastructure are built every day. With our vast expertise in technology and its current trend, we are able to offer high quality advice and support to our clients in any software related field and are always a call away.