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Founders: Minh Huyen Do Thi and Emmanuel Nsambu
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78462 Konstanz

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Liability for external links

Do-Techs website contains some external links to third party websites. Any content on these third party websites is not influenced by us and therefore, we are not in any way responsible. All content on third party websites is the responsibility of the respective website owner. Before linking to third party websites, careful checks are made. In case of any issue arising where illegal content is found on any of our linked third party websites, this wouldn’t mean that we were aware of this before linking since we always carryout careful checks before linking as mentioned above. If we can confirm that the linked third party website is indeed containing illegal content, we would with immediate effect remove any such links to the third party website.


The content on Do-Techs website belongs to the owner. Any duplication and distribution of this content requires written consent.


Do-Techs is not responsible for content on any third party websites. It is not the obligation of Do-Techs to monitor the third parties’ websites for stored data with the intention of finding out the legality of such data. However, on provision of proof of illegality, Do-Techs would with immediate effect remove the content linking to such third party websites. Do-Techs reserves the right to update content on the website without prior notice.